Pachinko Products & Services

Our pachinko hall management system is a computerized solution for sales management, customer management, and prize inventory management for pachinko operators. Users handle their tasks more efficiently and effectively.
SUNCORPORATION has developed a real-time computer system to assist pachinko hall management with optimal efficiency.
We propose optimal management plans with superb products and services linked to the SUNCORPORATION communication network. Our latest systems are ‘informatizing’ the pachinko industry.

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Products & Services


DUO))STATION is a data analysis tool designed to collect, unify, and analyze information from game machines and data on customer trends. It can also perform simulations.
The double monitor simplifies the analytical work for the user.


PREVO is an information assistant device designed to show game data. The device is the first of its type to come with a liquid crystal screen. PREVO plots out various data such as the up-and-down trends in game play, gamer history, and categorized data.PREVO helps us meet the needs gamers care about most.

iCLR Sand
iCLR Sand

iCLR Sand is a ball-lending device with a built-in television terminal called the iClear System. This is a third-party managed ball-lending system promoted and recommended by the Electronic Systems Authentication Association. It can lend pachinko balls, display data on game machines, accept orders for food and drinks, and perform various other functions.

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Game machines component

We make full and free use of our accumulated technologies and graphic representational power to plan, develop, and design control boards, liquid crystal display software, and other components for pachinko machines and slot machines on an OEM basis.

Amusement machine manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing for pachinko control boards, communication equipment, computers for pachinko parlors, and exterior components of pachinko machines.

Resin molding

We make models with ABS resin, fabricate dies, perform injection molding for plastics, assemble electronic devices, and mount printed boards, mainly for amusement and communication equipment.

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