3G modem series

Communication module-equipped 3G modem”3G modem series”

3G modem series

The M2M market is expanding continuously in various areas now. Communication modules are used as small communication terminals which are essential in the M2M market.
By incorporating into various devices such as the devices for remote meter reading for gas, electricity, etc., inventory management of vending machines, credit card transactions, etc., it becomes possible to send data to the center by 3G communication.

Features of the product

Incorporation of a communication module
A communication module is incorporated, and it is possible to perform packet communication by 3G.
RS-232C connector (D-sub 9 pin, male) is incorporated.
It is possible to connect to various devices with RS232C cable. It is possible to control dial-up transmission, etc. by AT commands.
Antenna connector (SMA) for connecting an outside antenna is incorporated.
It is possible to connect an outside antenna for receiving radio waves (option) so that various devices can be used incorporating Rooster.
Dual system power connector is equipped as standard.
It is compatible with the power supply of DC5V, and incorporates two systems of triplex power connector and a DC jack for AC adapter (option), so it can be connected to various devices.
LED indication of field intensity
Field intensity is indicated by LED, and it is possible to check the field intensity on occasions such as installation.
High environmental performance
The operating temperature is -20 degree C to 60 degree C. The high environmental performance enables to use at a place under a severe temperature condition.
Compatibility with SMS (short message service) function
Transmission and reception of small amount of text by SMS realizes usage in various scenes which was not possible only with the packet communication function.
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