M2M Linux gateway

M2M Linux gateway

3G module made by u-blox Japan is mounted Ultra-small Linux gateway

M2M Linux gateway "Rooster GX" is regularly equipped with M2M remote management platform "SUNSYNC"*1, which is Linux micro server product for cloud service that enables remote management from center.
"Rooster GX" has been developed based on the technology of Rooster that has 10-year performance of mobile remote monitoring and the actual performance of Linux micro server's OEM.

Feature of the product

Long-term stable operation is enabled
To enable the stable operation for a long time under unattended environment, various power supply control functions that had actual performance with "Rooster series" is also mounted on Rooster GX. The power supply can be automatically turned OFF and ON by the setting.
If an unexpected accident is generated, the system can be easily recovered by coordination of main CPU and sub CPU.
Power-saving design
The power-saving mode can be selected by setting the main CPU to sleep status or actively changing the mode to frequency suppressing mode.
Sleep mode
The main CPU is set to sleep status and the power mode is reset by a signal of RS-232C.
Power-saving mode
The power consumption is reduced by suppressing the frequency of main CPU.
3G OFF mode
If no data is sent to the center server, the power supply of 3G module is turned OFF to reduce the power consumption.
Data logger and 3G communication device are integrated
Rooster GX is equipped with both functions of data logger and 3G communication device, which have been independently used, so two types of functions are integrated in one unit. Space and cables are minimized and effects of power saving and cost reduction can be realized. 3G communications can be easily used from application with API prepared by our company.
Mobile router function
The mobile router function that has an actual performance for Rooster is provided as Linux's application.
Ultra small
A compact design is realized while having rich interfaces and built-in 3G module.
Superior environment resistance
The guaranteed temperature range is -20 to 60°C. This product operates under severe environmental conditions.
Expandability of hardware
With expansion board, various interfaces and devices can be added.
We are planning to release an expansion board. We will also carry out the contracted development of hardware.
Customization and contracted development of software
SDK is prepared as a development environment. A customer can develop application. Our company also accept an order of contracted development of software.
Java*2 Enabled

Rooster GX is regularly available to use Java.
Rooster GX enables you to develop M2M Applications in the Java programming language.
* Oracle Java ME Embedded Client version1.1

Remote management function
The remote monitoring function by M2M remote management platform is shown below.
“SUNSYNC” was developed using “ServiceSync” of Inventit Inc.
Java is trademark of Oracle.

Specifications of product

CPU Marvell kirkwood 88F6281 800MHz renesas RL78/G13
RAM 256MB(can be expanded up to 512MB)
Interface Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX × 2ports
(Full/Half Duplex,Auto MDI/MDIX)
Serial RS-232C(DTE)D-SUB9 pin male connector 2 ports
USB USB2.0 host 1 port
Micro SD card Up to 32GB supported
3G module LISA-U200(made by u-blox)
Power supply voltage 12V±10%
OS Linux(kernel2.6)
Size 33(H)×91(D)×114(W)
Weight Approximately 500g (main unit)
Power consumption At 3G communications: approx. 10W, Standby: approx. 6W
Power saving mode: approx. 5W, Sleep mode: approx. 1W

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