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M2M remote management service SUNSYNC
“M2M remote managemet service” is a device management service which controls firmware update, log management, temperature/ voltage watch, alive monitoring, etc.

M2M remote control service


Easy configuration of a data collection system
Data is collected in the cloud periodically by the file management function.
The cost during the period of system configuration is reduced significantly, and operation can be started soon.
Configuration setting after installation of the terminal is possible. (auto config)
Kitting work is reduced largely.
It is possible to set config and acquire setting data remotely.
It makes it easy to replace devices during operation and maintenance.
Easy firmware management
The firmware of the Rooster itself can be updated remotely.
Real-time update and update at a specified date and time are possible.
Various alert notification and status indication are supported.
It is possible to monitor the temperature, the input voltage, etc. of the Rooster itself, and it is possible to set the thresholds of them and let it notify. State monitoring of the Rooster, setting of the alive monitoring notification, acquisition of the system log data can be conducted on the control screen.


Adding to the functions of “Standard” above, management of the application developed by the user and configuration of the management system in the cloud can be performed easily.

Remote update of the user application
Applications developed using API of SUNSYNC can be updated remotely.
Additional distribution and deletion of user application
Adding to the remote update above, addition and deletion of multiple user applications are supported.
Management of user applications
Functional control (startup/ closing) of multiple user applications can be conducted.
Configuration of user’s original management tools using API
Processing of collected data, screen configuration and data transmission can be easily performed using API of SUNSYNC.
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