Mahjong Shanghai for the Android/Android Phone is brought to you by SUNSOFT.

A must-have user experience at your fingertips!
Shanghai Mahjong for Android phone is the game that you can easily touch and remove tiles using your finger. This simple touching system will help you play game much easier and simpler. As the removing speed is quite fast, it is suitable for challenging time attack. Now set a new best time!

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Game Description & Screenshots

There are 30 maps in Shanghai Mahjong which are unlocked one by one as the player advances the game. You need to clear the map from the easiest level. As the shape of the map and pile are changed everytime you play, you can enjoy unlimited layouts.

It is possible to set BGM and sound effect volume, and also available to select 「Retry」, 「Reset」, 「Return to "Select-MAP"」. If you have a call in the middle your playing, you can pick it up without any problem. After the call, the game restarts from the place you were interrupted

先頭 戻る 次へ 最終

-- Game Screen --

【 MENU 】 : Display the MENU Screen.
【 HINT 】 : Give a hint for the next matched tiles.
【 UNDO 】 : Place back the previous tiles that you removed.

-- MENU Screen --

【 Save & Exit 】 : Save a data and exit the game.
【 Retry 】 : Restart the game using the same map and tile layout.
【 Reset 】 : Start a game using the current map with reshuffled tiles.
【 Return to "SELECT MAP" 】 : Display SELECT MAP screen.
【 OPTION 】 : Display the OPTION Screen.
【 OK 】 : Back to the previous screen.

-- OPTION Screen --

【 BGM 】 : Control BGM volume.
【 SE 】 : Control volume for Sound effects.
【 Effects 】 : Switch fade-out animation effect for tile removal.
【 Pickup 】 : Switch Pickup animation effect for tile removal.
【 Language 】 : Change a language.
【 OK 】 : Set all option changes and return to the previous screen.

-- S SELECT MAP Screen --

【 SELECT MAP 】 : Choose a map with , .
【 MAP 】 : Display the number of current map.
【 HIGH SCORE 】 : Display High Score (Clear Time) for the selected map.
【 Difficulty Level 】 : Choose the lever EASY / NORMAL / HARD for layouts.
【 Hidden Tiles 】 : Make your level harder by placing certain tiles face down.

Completing(removing) a map will make you select the other new map.
There are all 30 maps in this game.