Arcade Archives Ikki

Arcade Archives Ikki – for Nintendo Switch™

HAMSTER Co. (Head Offices: Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku;CEO: Satoshi HAMADA; referred to below as “HAMSTER” announces that from May 24th, 2018, Arcade Archives Ikki will be available digitally for Arcade Archives, the downloadable series by HAMSTER for Nintendo Switch™.
HAMSTER announces the digital release of Arcade Archives Ikki for Nintendo Switch™ on May 24th, 2018.
'Ikki' is an action game that was released from SUNSOFT in 1985.
Players control 'Gombe' of farmers, to go to raid evil magistrate, will defeat confronting enemies. In this work, players can enjoy 'two coop play'. Player 2 will operate 'Tago'.
'In-Game Language: Japanese Only'

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