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Innovated operation feeling for Mahjong Solitaire !
Easy operation by touching the Mahjong tile at your fingertips. iPhone/iPod Touch is the only hardware that you can enjoy the unique operation. And it is adapted for taking the 2 tiles quickly to challenge Time-attack because there is no extra key operation. Go for your best record!
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About this App An Asian Puzzle Game Born in the USA!

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★About this App An Asian Puzzle Game Born in the USA!
This is Mahjong Solitaire's sister app.
The following features distinguish this version.


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Leiji Matsumoto's latest tale is a mind-jarring work that poses a compelling question to those of us in the 21st Century. he date is September 9, 2099. The place is Tokyo. Led by Yoh Haguro, a woman of unsurpassed beauty, a timeship departs Earth to save the planet from impending extinction. Among her crew is a young man, Hajime Umino, who is there to behold a grand scale tale of life as it unfolds.


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The Harzians passed their days in peace in their remote corner of space. That peace was broken when invaders from another planet assailed them! With no weapons with which to fight back, the Harzians appeared doomed!
"All we can do is rocket ourselves into them and drive them away!"
The Harzians rallied their spirits and lifted up their nitrogen bodies to boldy face the enemy, shouting, "Up, up and away!!"

MAHJONG SOLITAIRE - Three Kingdoms Saga

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You can enjoy Story of "Three Kingdoms" and puzzle game "Mahjong Solitaire" by this game.

Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game with mahjong tiles. You can play the game by directly touching the unique multi-touch panel with fingers.The player erases tiles by selecting matching pairs from pile of tiles displayerd on-screen.

Mahjong Solitaire

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Mahjong Solitaire is a classical puzzle game. You can play the game by directry touching the iPhone. You erases tiles by selecting matching pairs from pile of tiles displayed on-screen. We evolved the game for over 20 years. This is final evolution. Because the touch interface is best much for Mahjong Solitaire. You can feel the fast choice of tile and get the fast time attack. You can see the movie on a more infomation page.

Princess Ai

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SUNSOFT BOOKS launched a first Digital Manga !! "Princess Ai"presents you the amazing journey of mysterious young woman searching for identity and salvation in this world and beyond. What the princess experiences along the way is an adventure filled with love, chaos and unexpected fame. Original Concept created by Rock Diva Courtny Love, story created by D.J.Milky, art works drawn by famed Ai Yazawa who is Japanese Manga Artist, Manga drawn by Misaho Kujirado.