You can enjoy Story of
"Three Kingdoms" and puzzle game "Mahjong Solitaire" by this game.

Touch the screen to select a castle to attack.
Your battle (game) will then begin.
As you take castles (clear games),
you will be able to select new castles.
Your goal is to take all the castles.

After you take a castle, an event may occur
depending on how long you took to clear the game andnumber of turns taken.
A battle may begin when an event occurs.



About this App


OPTION : Display the option screen to set various setting for game.
GETTING STARTED : Story, Basic Rules, Rules of takable tiles, etc…
??? : When it conquers "BRUTAL COMBAT SAGA", it is an added option.


BGM : Control the volume level of BGM. If you want to play the game with your own music from your iPod touch, adjust the volume level 0 and play your iPod touch.
SE : Set the sound effect ON/OFF.
TAIL EFFECTS : Set the screen display effect ON/OFF when you remove tiles.
TOUCH EFFECTS : Set the pickup effect ON/OFF when you touch the tiles.
SETTING ICON POSITIONS TO DEFAULT : Reset the location of icons (menu, timer …etc).
RETURN :Change the settings and return to the previous display.


When you don't know which tiles you can take, touch the "HELP" icon.
Green boxes will appear around a pair of free tiles. You can use HELP up to 3 times per game.


Your progress through the story is automatically savedafter clearing each game.