Mahjong Solitaire , Mahjong Game for iPhone Applications / iPod touch Applications

Innovated operation feeling for Mahjong Solitaire !

Mahjong Solitaire game screen for iphone
Easy operation by touching the Mahjong tile at your fingertips. iPhone/iPod Touch is the only hardware that you can enjoy the unique operation. And it is adapted for taking the 2 tiles quickly to challenge Time-attack because there is no extra key operation. Go for your best record!

for iPhone/iPod touch Screen Transition of Mahjong Solitaire

Game screen transition 1~3
degree of difficulty setting screenThere are 30 kinds of Maps that you challenge. As you clear the Map each time, the number of your choice of Map increases. You can set the Difficulty Level and On/Off of Hidden Tiles at each Map.
All sorts of setting screen are also available such as volume control and On/Off of BGM. Besides, you can also operate various effects (Save and Exit, Retry, Reset…etc) in the midst of the game.
In case of using iPhone, the game will be paused and you are able to answer the phone when you get a call. After you hang up the phone, you can replay the game from where you paused. completion screen
Various setting screen 1~3


BGM : Control the volume level of BGM. If you want to play the game with your own music from your iPod touch, adjust the volume level 0 and play your iPod touch.
SE  : Set the sound effect ON/OFF.
Effect:Set the screen display effect ON/OFF when you remove tiles.
Pickup: Set the pickup effect ON/OFF when you touch the tiles.      
Location: Reset the location of icons (menu, timer …etc).              
OK  :Change the settings and return to the previous display.


MENU icon:Display menu screen.
UNDO icon: Undo a pair of tiles as wasting your time.
HINT icon:Light a pair of tiles to purple that is selectable. By tapping the HINT icon continuously, it lights next ones without wasting your time. Once you take the tile or select UNDO icon, it gets back to a normal state.
The game level is cleared when all mahjong tiles are removed in pairs.
You can remove the only tile that is not crowded of its upside and either right side or left side.
It lights to red when you choose a selectable tile. You can remove a pair of tiles by choosing the same kind of tiles in a row. Once you choose a wrong tile, then the choice of your tile can be canceled.
By touching the icon for a second, the icon gets vibrating. And then you can move the icon everywhere you like by moving your fingertips on the icon. The location of icons can be setup from 「Location」 of 「Option」.

Your data will be saved aromatically when you select the home button in the middle of the game, and you can continue the game from where you saved next time.

Save and Exit : Save the game state and return to the title. You can continue the game from where you saved next time.
Retry :Retry the game with the same Map and same tiles from square one.
Reset :Retry the game with the same Map and different tiles from square one.
Return to “SELECT-MAP”: Quit the game and return to the Map selection screen.
Option      : Display the option screen to set various setting for game.
OK     :Return to the previous display.

Time out

Undo   :Undo a pair of tiles as wasting your time.
Retry   :Retry the game with the same Map and same tiles from square one. Return to “Select Map”: Return to the Map selection screen.

Map selection screen

Select the Map by touching the Right /Left icon or sliding the Map icon right or left.

You can set the Difficulty Level from 3 levels Easy/Normal/Hard” by touching each level or sliding the flame.

Hidden Tiles mean invisible tiles till these get selectable.  
Set the Hidden Tiles effect ON/OFF by touching each effect or sliding the flame.
Double tap the Map icon or select the GAME START button to start the game.

Title Screen

Display the Map selection screen by touching the title screen.
The game starts from the previous state if there is any saved data.

The operability that Mahjong Solitaire which sunsoft makes is interface only by the application of iphone / iPod, and a game is possible is charm.
iTunes is necessary for a download