Group Companies


Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd.

Provide mobile extract devices and mobile data solutions for mobile digital forensics

Cellebrite is a global leading company in the digital intelligence solutions for a safer world. Cellebrite provides one stop shop for mobile digital forensic including the main products, UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device) series, with unsurpassed capabilities to extract and decode the most date from the widest range of devices and applications. More than 60,000 UFED series licenses are deployed among law enforcement, police and intelligence globally in 150 countries, making Cellebrite the market share leader. As a full suite of solution, Cellebrite also provides analytics solutions and training program to commit digital forensic excellently.

Cellebrite’s web site

Chairman Masanori Yamaguchi
Executive Team Yossi Carmil, Global Co-CEO
Ron Serber, Global Co-CEO
James H. Grady, CEO, Cellebrite Inc., Americas
Dana Gerner, CFO
Osnat Tirosh, EVP Global HR & Strategic Org Development
Jeremy Nazarian, CMO
Alon Klomek, EVP, International Sales, EMEA & APAC
Leeor Ben-Peretz, EVP, Products and Business Development, Mobile Forensics
Gil Mazor, EVP, Forensics R&D
Location Petah Tikva, Israel
Established April 1999
subsidiaries Cellebrite Inc. (New Jersey, USA)
Cellebrite GmbH (Bayern, Germany)
Cellebrite APAC (Singapore)
Cellebrite LATAM (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Cellebrite UK (London, England )
Cellebrite France (Paris, France)
Cellebrite Canada (Vancouver, Canada)
Cellebrite China (Beijing, China)
Cellebrite Australia (Sydney, Australia)

Bacsoft Ltd.

Remote Control and Monitoring at the Frontier of Technology

Bacsoft is a global pioneer remote control and monitoring of utility installations and industrial automation, from underground pipelines to aerial climate control, from isolated and inaccessible environments to bustling urban centers.
Bacsoft combine cutting-edge automation and control knowledge with innovative software engineering skills in our state-of-the-art Bacsoft IoT Platform. Wired or, increasingly, wirelessly linked to control and measurement devices and easily integrated with client host systems, Bacsoft' s technology is used throughout the world and is capable of being adapted to a myriad of application needs. In a simple and intuitive manner, Bacsoft' s solutions are as effective in connecting traditional automated technology as they are for advanced controllers and devices.
Bacsoft has deployed systems in major utility companies such as Israel’s national water and electricity companies, in addition to OEM products for energy and agriculture companies worldwide.

Bacsoft' s web site

CEO Ilan Feldman
Location Kiryat Gat, Israel
Established January 2008


Plans and develops Internet solutions.

CEO Masanori Yamaguchi
Location California, USA
Established April 2014

eDream Corporation

Engaged in model building and electronics businesses.

As part of our plastic business, we make ABS resin models, design and build molds, and produce mold injections.
In the electronics field, we assemble electronic devices and mount PC boards.

eDream’s web site (Japanese)

President & CEO Morio Yakuwa
Location Aichi, Japan
Established November 1961


eDream’s subsidiary for mold manufacturing in China.

Chairman Hideyuki Imai
Location Shanghai, China
Established December 2009