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High-precision, high-definition see-through binocular smart glasses

AceReal from SUNCORPORATION offers a total solution that revamps your field work style using smart glasses and AR.

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AceReal is a total solution that provides a one-stop solution encompassing our smart glasses, AceReal One, business support applications, AceReal Apps, and software development kit, AceReal SDK.

AceReal One

This suite has been developed with a concept of "smart glasses that can be used in field work". They are designed to be used in many different fields including plants, construction sites, and maintenance work.

Dust and drip-proof

Keep your helmet on

Operable in high-temperature environments

Crystal-clear lenses

Applications supporting operations

Remote Support

With AceReal One, you can send high quality video and audio from the field to your head office or support center. Head office can also add instructions to the video received from the field and transmit it to AceReal One.

Display Manuals

Information required for the maintenance of devices can be displayed in high-quality video on AceReal One. Information to be displayed can be managed on a computer and synchronized with AceReal One through simple operations.

Checklist Input

Items to be checked can be displayed step by step, and completed items marked off via the glasses.
Work can be carried out without removing your eyes from the target equipment, ensuring more reliable work.

AceReal: Major Features

All-in-one solution

AR smart glasses for field work

Reliable made-in-Japan quality

Applications examples




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