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We develop and distribute original gaming content including puzzle games such as the Shanghai Series, text horror adventures, and boys love (BL) games for women, based on know-how accumulated over many years. We also develop immersive games with ultimate playability thanks to the integration of intuitive operations and VR characteristics.

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Expressing creative worldviews with unique technologies and ideas, we continue our quest to fabricate games never seen or experienced before.

Puzzle Game Mahjong Shanghai

Mahjong Shanghai is a thinking game where players take and play pairs of Mahjong tiles from the pile until all the tiles on a screen are gone. This game has long been enjoyed as an original Mahjong tile puzzle.

Text Horror Game

This is a text horror game popular even before the advent of smartphones. Players are allured by a sweet nightmare with attractive characters, memorable stories, and beautiful graphics and music.

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Mahjong Shanghai


Alice's Warped Wonderland

BL Series

Ikki Riot

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