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Pachinko Hall Systems

Real-Time Computer System to Support Pachinko Hall Operations

SUNTAC provides a comprehensive solution of system equipment for pachinko hall operations with products and services leveraging communication network technology, tailored to your operations. We promote and support the digitalization of pachinko hall operations.

Products & Services


A data aggregation and information analysis service for pachinko halls.
Sales, gross profit, and operation rates change. They change due to individual business conditions or general market factors. This means that it is risky to make judgments based solely on your own data. You need quality statistical data to avoid risk. TRYSEM guides you to the right decision for your pachinko hall operation.

Provides a broad range of high-quality statistical information

Used equipment market and market statistics are provided in one shot

Three service plan options to suit your application


Large, full-color information monitors for placing on top of pachinko machines.
This helps players select a particular game machine by providing all essential data, while assisting them in enjoying each game with constantly updated input, such as basic machine information and related unique characteristics.

Provides real-time play data

Automatic distribution service to enhance power and reduce labor

Practical, well thought-out features

SUNTAC's strengths

Countrywide network

Comprehensive coverage from planning to sales

Outstanding development capabilities to respond to the needs of the times





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    Learn more about the functions offered by TRYSEM, a data statistics and information analysis service from SUNTAC for pachinko halls.


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