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History of SUNCORPORATION We have been contributing to society and industry through our products and activities since our founding, more than 40 years ago.


Established to manufacture and sell electronic equipment

Founder Masami Maeda established SUNCORPORATION as he foresaw undeniable changes in the future of electronics. The company initially manufactured automatic ticket vending machines for Ichinomiya Tateishi Denki (now Omron). They eventually started manufacturing original products, implementing the experiences and technologies accumulated through years of contract manufacturing. The company valued the corporate culture of taking up new challenges, which led to the practice of developing highly unique products. This included the development of automatic control systems for pachinko halls with advanced features such as LED lighting, eventually giving birth to the SUNTAC brand.
Following development of commercial coffee makers and fully-automatic JanQ systems, the company started developing commercial video games, an area swiftly gaining popularity at the time. This expansion helped the company accumulate technologies that led to future forays into the gaming and pachinko hall system businesses.


Headquarters was built in Konan, Aichi Prefecture. The corporate structure was established and expanded.

Exhibited Ready1 in the US, which was the company's third original personal computer. SUNTAC PC 5000 was developed subsequently, eventually leading to endeavors to explore new business areas of home gaming and chip sets.
Developed games such as Ikki, which are still popular today. The company also started a full-fledged expansion into the US market. As sophisticated electronic control was now required for pachinko machines, the company ventured into developing new products for other gaming equipment manufacturers, from control circuit board designs to software developments, thereby establishing itself as a gaming equipment manufacturer.


Established original brands and developed and sold many industry-first systems domestically. Sales offices were expanded throughout Japan.

Were the first to develop laptop computers in Japan, taking the initiative to explore into the Internet age. As communications technologies evolved and modem speeds increased, the company switched from operating as an OEM to manufacturing original brands and establishing a consumer business within the corporate structure.
Developed the industry's first networked pachinko hall computer system. As LAN was introduced, sales centers were expanded throughout Japan, and a structure was established to support maintenance services.


SUNCORPORATION was listed on JASDAQ. Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd. became the company's subsidiary, accelerating the group's global expansion.

Acquired ISO 14001 certification. Actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and other beneficial initiatives.
Opened gaming sites for mobile telephone providers. Launched unique products such as FM transmitters, radios, and MP3 players. Ventured into various services that employ the Internet, including operating EC sites and electronic signature services.
Through an M&A, acquired the Israeli company Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd., making it a subsidiary which currently maintains a major presence in the group. Global expansion was enhanced even further. Started sales of UFED, currently SUNCORPORATION's main product with No. 1 global market share.


Shifted towards becoming a global company in celebration of our 40th anniversary.

UFED expanded its global share, reaching No. 1 in the global market. Acquired Bacsoft as a subsidiary in the IoT/M2M market. SUNCORPORATION continues to provide IoT/M2M solutions globally, foraying into new fields, including developing content leveraging VR characteristics, O2O solutions and AR smart glasses. Release of these leading-edge products and services is ongoing.
Headquarters relocated to the city of Nagoya, readying the company for further global expansion.

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