Ark of Charon

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About Ark of Charon

Build a town on the back of a giant walking Tree and embark on a journey in this merge of tower defense and colony simulation.

With the loss of the World Tree, all sentient life was once wiped from the world.
But now, a sapling of the World Tree has sprouted, and it is up to you as its caretaker to guide it on its journey to bring life back to the world.
Direct the little worker Familiars who live on the Tree to transform the Tree into a mobile fortress that can withstand the arduous journey.

A journey for 
a new beginning.

Mining and Gathering

You can't do anything without any resources.
Do some mining and gathering during a stop to gather resources.

Building and Researching

You will need to fit storage space,
attack and defensive facilities and more into your limited area.
Unlock new technology to build your efficient and powerful walking village.

Traveling and Fighting

Fight back against the monsters that try to get in your way and continue your journey to the next stop.

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Ark of Charon




Colony simulation, tower defense

No. of Players

Single-player (offline)

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