Virtual Console
Blaster Master

No. of Players: 1 Player

Genre: Action, Shooter

Ufouria: The Saga

No. of Players: 1 Player

Genre: Action, Adventure

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Galaxy Fight

Genre: Fighting


Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Arcade Archives
Shanghai Ⅲ

Genre: Board Game

Arcade Archives

Genre: Action, Shooter

Licensing Proposal
Albert Odyssey

  Albert Odyssey is one of popular RPG game series, which has released in Japan in 1993.
  In 1996, "Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean", a supplementary story has released in USA.

Clock Tower

  Clock Tower is a Horror adventure game series. This series are sold around the world, and loved from many fans.

Other Title

  SUNSOFT has released a lot of titles. We are waiting for your proposal of various type for with all titles!!