Mahjong POP puzzle

Mahjong POP puzzle: New tile matching puzzle

Exercise your mind with this yummy pickup-and-play Mahjong puzzle game!
Use your brain to complete quests and become an expert Mahjong puzzle solver!

The rules are simple! Pick two Mahjong tiles of the same pattern from a stack of Mahjong tiles to erase them!
There are many items to help you out if you get stuck; all of which can be obtained for free.

Whether a beginner or an expert Mahjong player, you're sure to be hooked!
Please enjoy this all-new, free-to-play Mahjong Solitaire game!


Game features:

  • Come along on a colorful Mahjong journey through a yummy wonderland, and meet many cute and quirky residents along the way!
  • Adventure awaits in fun areas such as Cinnamon Village, Unicorn Land, Ice Park, Chocolate City, and more!
  • Look forward to regular free updates, where new Mahjong puzzles will be added!
  • Lots of fun achievements to collect!
  • Feel your heart race in the time-limited events! Complete the Mahjong puzzle within the time limit! You might even find some treasure...
  • Gorgeous graphics and rich sounds! Beautiful easy-to-see mahjong tiles!
  • The clear conditions for the Mahjong puzzles vary from stage to stage. Different factors add a fun twist to the classic Mahjong Solitaire!
  • Recommended for those who like "brain tickling" games such as match-3 puzzles, board games, brain training and solitaire.
  • Playable offline. Play on long flights or during your daily commute!
  • Connects to Google Play Games or Game Center! Game data is also protected.
  • Mahjong Solitaire is a classic game that has continued to be a hit throughout the years. Also called Shanghai.
  • Whether you are familiar with Mahjong or not, anyone can enjoy playing this game!