Ikki Unite Instruction Manual

  • The Basics
  • Equipment Explanation
  • Shop
  • Tactics Boot Camp
  • Character List

The BasicsControls

The controls are super easy!




Show Settings

Attacks and abilities activate automatically!

Focus on your positioning!

The BasicsScreen Information

 1: HP
 2: Active buffs
 3: Bag (held sub-items)
 4: Ally HP
 5: Ally active buffs
 6: Time left
 7: EXP bar
 8: Mini-map
 9: Current location info
10: Mission and rewards
11: Held main items list
12: Held weapons list
13: Remaining materials and users
14: Emote list

The BasicsStats

Character Stats

  • Lv



    Max HP

  • ATK

    Total Weapon Attack

  • MOV

    Movement Speed

  • STR

    Strength - Effects weapon Attack and Max HP

  • MEN

    Mental - Effects weapon Attack and Max HP

  • DEX

    Dexterity - Raise your Attack! It effects Coodown and other Stats.

  • INT

    Intelligence - Effects main item Cooldown

  • LUK

    Luck - Effects weapon Crit Rate

Weapon Stats

  • Lv


  • ARK

    Weapon Attack

  • REQ

    Character stat influencing this weapon's Attack

  • CLD

    Weapon Cooldown (projectile launch interval)

  • NUM

    Number (projectiles fired at once)

  • PS

    Projectile Span (time until fired projectiles disappear)

  • AoE

    Area of Effect (projectile size)

  • CRT

    Critical Hit Rate

  • SPD

    Projectile Speed

Equipment ExplanationEquipment Type

Character Equipment Exclusive equipment helds by characters from the outset

Main Weapon

Attack automatically,
no restrictions.

Main Item

Items with special effects. Activate automatically, but require cooldown before activating again.

Unite Skill

Special moves unleashed when their conditions are met!

Common Equipment Equipment obtained from the Shop or General Store


Attack automatically
Attacks require certain materials


Items that boost your stats
just by holding them.

Equipment ExplanationSub-weapons and Materials

Sub-weapons need materials to work!

Using sub-weapons consumes the corresponding material!

Materials are shared among all players!

Get more materials from boxes before they run out!

Equipment ExplanationLevels and Rarity


You can raise weapon and item levels
at the Blacksmith.


You can get rare equipment at the General Store and Hermit Quests.

The level remains the same even if you change rarity!

The higher the rarity and level, the stronger the equipment!

Equipment ExplanationUnite Skill

Activate Unite Skills with incredible effects!

I: Obtain a Unite item from the General Store

II: Find Protein A

III: Collect Protein A and activate!


Upgrade characters at the Shop!

Defeat foes to get coins.

Find the General Store!

Open the Shop to upgrade characters!



Appears when you collect lots of coins.

Product details

Obtain new sub-weapons
Level up main weapons, sub-weapons and main items

ShopTea House


Appears when you collect lots of coins.

Product details

Boost character stats
Recover health

ShopGeneral Store


Appears when you touch the General Store guy on the map.

Product details

Obtain new sub-weapons
Obtain new sub-items
Level up sub-items
obtain Unite items

Tactics Boot CampBoss Battles

Defeat bosses to extend the time limit!

The revolution has a time limit.
When time runs out, it's Game Over!

Defeat the mission-designated boss within the time limit, and you'll extend the time limit!

Tactics Boot CampLink Up with Allies

Join up with your scattered comrades!

Each team of players starts the game at a different point on the map! Explore the map and link up with your other comrades!

Tactics Boot CampRescue

Save fallen comrades!

When a comrade runs out of health and gets captured, hover over their cage for a little while to save them!

Just remember, you won't be able to shoot weapons during a rescue.

Tactics Boot CampMini-map

Use the Mini-map!



Hot Zones

Various info is shown on the mini-map.

Take a look when you're not sure what to do!

Tactics Boot CampWaves

Watch out for waves!

When you get a wave alert, watch out!
A horde of foes is coming your way.

Just hold out until the wave ends!

Tactics Boot CampHot Zones

Collect coins and items in hot zones!

Hot Zones

Approach hot zones on the maps to spawn a horde of foes!

Hold out in the red circle for some time to open the humongous box within!

Just be careful, a hot zone will disappear if you step outside the circle.

Tactics Boot CampHermit Quests

Clear trials given by hermits!

FInding a hermit hidden on the map lets you undergo trials known as Hermit Quests.

Clear these quests to net valuable rewards like rare weapons!

Tactics Boot CampFoods

Eat all the food you can!

Eating the food that falls on the ground gives temporary buffs to your character or main weapon!

(Some combinations of food and weapons won't have any effect, though.)

Character ListExploration

Gonbe:Equipment Info
Tanba:Equipment Info
Kunoichi:Equipment Info
Goemon:Equipment Info

Character ListOffense

The special attack corps specialized in fighting!
 Mow through enemy groups and bosses!

Yojimbo:Equipment Info
Heihachiro:Equipment Info
Magoichi:Equipment Info
Yosaku:Equipment Info

Character ListEnhancement

Powers up you and your comrades!
 Cornerstones supporting the team!

Tago:Equipment Info
Hideyori:Equipment Info
Minstrel:Equipment Info
Onmyoji:Equipment Info

Character ListRecovery

The exclusive way to heal comrades!
 The team's primary lifeline!

Bonze:Equipment Info
Shirou:Equipment Info
Medicine Man
Medicine Man:Equipment Info
Koshimoto:Equipment Info