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Sale of "Koshika" launched!

SUNCORPORATION (Head office: Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN, President, CEO: Kiharu Yoshida, JASDAQ: 6736) launched sales of Koshika, books for iPhone™ and iPod® touch today in countries around the world.

Koshika for iPhone and iPod touch can be purchased at the App Store for iTunes®. The books will be sold in all countries where App Store are provided.

・Hold your iPhone/iPod touch sideways and you can view the comic in two-page mode.
・Plug in your earphones and enjoy music with your comic.
・All 8 chapters are depicted in full color and comes with 16 music selections.
・From Chapter 1 to Chapter 8 (final chapter), read all the thought-provoking installments of "Silver Celestial: Out of Galaxy Koshika."

*About Koshika

Celebrating his 55th year in the comic business, Leiji Matsumoto sends a message of world peace through his latest masterpiece, "Silver Celestial: Out of Galaxy Koshika." Consisting of 8 full-color chapters, this work represents a culmination of the master's work.


In the year 2099, Earth is threatened by an evil from beyond the far reaches of space.
Standing between Earth and the impending disaster is the lovely Yoh Haguro and a young man named, Hajime Umino.
Once in an age long past, Earth was a double planet system with a "twin sister" -- a beautiful planet whose surface was covered with flowers. They are convinced they will find something there that could resolve Earth's dilemma. It is a journey to a world that exists in the year 11,365 million B.C., an era that touches on the farthest point on the Toki no Wa* where the past and future clash. There lies a reality suspended by time and gravity… A world of mystery that will unravel as the secrets of a silver cat-shaped pendant with strange powers and an enigmatic beauty by the name of Yoh Haguro are revealed. * The Ring of Time

*About Koshika for iPhone and iPod touch

Comic title Koshika
Genre Books (comic)
Contents All 8 chapters are depicted in full color and comes with 16 music selections.
Platform iPhone 3GS、 iPhone 3G、 iPhone、 iPod touch
Release date February 23, 2010
How to get Download from App Store
(To use App Store, you may need to upgrade your software for iPhone or iPod touch.)
Charge US$4.99
Distribution source SUNCORPORATION
Copyright ©2009 Leiji Matsumoto ©2009 SUNSOFT Koshika®

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*Leiji Matsumoto (松本 零士)

Birth name


Akira Matsumoto
January 25, 1938
Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Space Battleship Yamato,
Captain Harlock,
Galaxy Express 999


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