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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SUNCORPORATION strives to protect important personal assets, including personal information.
We implement strict security measures under the control of a management representative, and all the people engaged in business follow our compliance program focused on the protection of personal information.
We are now undertaking companywide efforts to acquire the Privacy Mark, and working to acquire certification through assessment of conformity under the Information Management Security System (ISMS).

The Privacy Mark System is a system under which the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDC) assesses private enterprises that have adopted compliance programs conforming to JISQ 15001, a standard designed to encourage companies to protect personal information. Through this method, JIPDC promotes the sound protection of personal information and grants the use of the Privacy Mark to compliant enterprises as a certification of approval. The "ISMS" certification is granted to enterprises that have appropriate information security management systems in general. The acquisition of certifications under both the Privacy Mark System and ISMS is an ideal approach to stronger information security.

Privacy Policy

Under our thorough customer-first management philosophy, SUNCORPORATION (hereinafter "our company") places great importance on its efforts to protect personal information and adhere to the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

Formulation and continuous improvement of compliance programs

In view of the critical importance of protecting personal information, the board members and employees of our company will formulate a compliance program for the protection of personal information and take thorough steps to implement, maintain, and continuously improve the program.

Collection, use, and provision of personal information

We will collect, use, and provide personal information based on the actual conditions of each businesses of our company in accordance with the procedures we have established.

Safety Measures

Our company will implement safety measures to prevent the leakage, wrongful alteration, illegal access, loss, and breakage of personal information and related issues.

Respect for Rights

Our company respects individual rights relating to personal information. When any employee requests the disclosure, amendment, or deletion of his or her own personal information, we will properly deal with the matter in light of socially accepted ideas and customary practice.

Observation of Decrees and Regulations

Our company will observe decrees and other regulations relating to personal information, and all our employees will understand the importance of protecting personal information.

Contact person for matters related to the handling of personal information

If you have any comments and/or questions concerning our commitment to the protection of personal information, please contact us at: Secretariat of P Mark Promoting Committee SUNCORPORATION .


Human Resources Director, SUNCORPORATION privacy policy contact

Originated on June 24, 2005 / Last updated on January 1, 2016

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