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Challenge to New Fields SUNCORPORATION continues to venture into new fields with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Giving Shape to Fun and Usefulness

We produce Japan-first and world-first fresh and novel ideas in the information technology and entertainment fields.
SUNCORPORATION continues to respond to the various needs of society through our strength in giving shape to "fun" and "usefulness" with our entrepreneurial spirit, while shining a bright light on the future.

Accelerating Global Expansion with Outstanding Technologies

Contributing to Global Safety

The UFED series is the most widely used product for investigating crimes using mobile terminals. It extracts and analyzes high-security mobile terminal data with outstanding technologies to help prevent and solve crimes. We continue to contribute to realizing a safe and secure society throughout the world.

Connecting the World with Fun

We strive to offer the most captivating content in Japan and around the world with our ideas and technologies that produce amazing types of fun. We keep working hard to create new surprises and delight in entertainment, gradually connecting the world with smiles.

Step Out to New Stage

IoT Platforms that Support Infrastructure

Stable IoT platforms for information infrastructure you can depend on. We offer a comprehensive range of IoT solutions, from sensing to remote control. centering on our widely-applicable mobile router, Rooster. Our IoT platforms contribute to critical issues for corporations such as visualization and improving efficiency.

AR Innovation

Solving labor shortage and technology transfer issues with advanced AR solutions. We connect reality and the digital world with our original business applications and high-performance smart glasses, the results of cutting-edge AR technologies that only a company deeply involved in hardware and software creation can provide. We specialize in solving your corporate challenges.

O2O Platform

Realizing new revenue sources and improving business operations with smartphones using the O2O platform. Smartphones have become an integral part of daily life, and it is now critical to build a relationship with customers through smartphones. SUNCORPORATION leverages POS and other accumulated know-how to contribute to customer experiences in this digital age.