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Game machine parts

Planning, development and manufacture of amusement machines

We cover everything from hardware to software in developing game machines.


Hardware and video content

We leverage digital technologies and graphic design capabilities that we have accumulated over the years to plan, develop and manufacture a broad range of hardware, software, and graphics for liquid crystal display units and control boards for game machines.

Advanced Control Boards

We design main control boards and LCD control boards for game machines. Our circuit design meets tough specifications incorporating the latest graphic capabilities and advanced sound systems.

Exceptional Imagery

Players will have fun with images, lights and sound from our game machines. We produce high-quality imagery with sophisticated use of 2D and 3D graphic technologies.

Quality and Reliability

Our track record and technologies that we have established through the years of experience in developing game machines enable us to build trust with major game machine manufacturers. This allows us to engage in a large number of attractive game machine developments.

Strength in Amusement Field strength


From hardware to software in developing game machines

We plan, develop, and manufacture game machines in both hardware and video content. Our technologies and development environment enable us to conduct game machine development in one place. SUNCORPORATION's comprehensive capabilities allow us to develop high-quality products.