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Vitalizing the mind to take on new challenges and create further added value

New prospects from business restructuring

In the 51st fiscal year, we built on the groundwork laid in the previous fiscal year for a management foundation capable of sustainable growth by further reforming our business structure and laying the foundations for a highly profitable and growth-oriented corporate entity.
In terms of performance, we have achieved a V-shaped recovery with a significant increase from the previous year where we returned to the black for the first time in five years by ensuring profits while investing in research and development as well as sales.
Although this was obscured by the recording of a significant non-operating income such as a gain on the valuation of derivatives associated with the listing of our consolidated subsidiary Cellebrite on NASDAQ, and a foreign exchange gain on the sale of part of the company's shares in the previous year, SUNCORPORATION's non-consolidated business activities also made steady progress in shifting to a corporate structure that can generate profits without fail, and we once again recognize that we are at the starting line for new growth.

Becoming a stable cash-generating entity

The current business composition ratio from largest to smallest is, the Mobile Data Solutions business which is anchored by Cellebrite, the Entertainment business which deals with amusement machines and game content, and the New IT business which is developing its own products in the areas of M2M and IoT. In the 51st fiscal year, both the entertainment-related business and the new IT-related business increased their sales and profits contributing to profit generation.
Following the business restructuring implemented in the previous two fiscal years, the prospects for each business have opened up, and SUNCORPORATION plans to accelerate its efforts to generate stable profits on a non-consolidated basis in the future. We intend to invest in M&A, product development and research and development for commercial items in order to increase the functionality and differentiation of our product range for the next stage of development.

Intend to create further added value

Strengthening our financial base and advancing our business restructuring, we were able to return dividends to our shareholders in the 51st fiscal year. Going forward, we will focus on returning profits to shareholders by promoting a balanced allocation of capital, fostering our human perspective and research and development functions, and maximizing corporate value.
We will also contribute to overcoming the challenges of the new era by creating new technologies and new products, while valuing our existing customers and growing the scale of SUNCORPORATION's business significantly on a non-consolidated basis, which we hope will be appreciated by our shareholders and lead to increased shareholder value.

We would appreciate your continued support.

Ryusuke Utsumi, CEO

  • Ryusuke Utumi

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