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Extraction and analysis of data from mobile terminals

We develop, manufacture, and sell mobile data transfer devices and mobile data solutions for law enforcement authorities.

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Cellebrite UFED Touch

Cellebrite UFED is a leading product used in extracting data from mobile phones, smartphones, PDA and other devices by police, military, and law enforcement authorities in many countries.
Mobile phones are considered important pieces of evidence in crime investigations. Cellebrite UFED plays a key role in handling crimes currently on the rise as it provides a very effective means of extracting evidential information.

Can be used in harsh environments

Advanced data extraction

User-friendly interface

Major Features of UFED Series

Supports the largest number of models and apps in the world

Performs tasks from data extraction to analysis

World's most widely used product

Applications examples

Crime investigation

Court evidence

Terrorism prevention

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    You can view our product lineup including forensic tools for crime investigation, UFED Touch2, and mobile phone store solution, Mobilogy Touch2, as well as support information dedicated to our customers.

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