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  • 1971April

    SUNCORPORATION established in Konan, Aichi Prefecture to manufacture and sell electronic equipment.

    Manufactured single-function automatic ticket machines for Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co., (presently OMRON Corporation).

  • 1974May

    Developed and launched a computer for pachinko parlors.

  • 1978October

    Developed and launched a commercial video game machine.

  • 1978December

    Developed READY1 personal computer.

  • 1980March

    Developed and marketed control boards for pachinko machines.

  • 1983March

    Completed the corporate headquarters building in Konan, Aichi Prefecture.

  • 1984April

    Developed and launched SUNTAC-PC series personal computers.

  • 1985July

    Developed and launched home-use game software.

  • 1988December

    Acquired 100% ownership of Aiwa Kasei, Co., Ltd. (presently eDream Corporation) to further improve manufacturing.

  • 1990April

    Established a fully-owned subsidiary SUN COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, to expand the telecommunications equipment business.

  • 1994April

    Launched SUNTAC series modems under the SUNCORPORATION brand.

  • 1994June

    Launched the industry's first networked pachinko parlor computer system King Zaurus System.

  • 1997October

    Launched pachinko parlor computer system Pyber Mebius System that enables member management and medal exchange processing.

  • 2002May

    Listed on the JASDAQ stock market.

  • 2002July

    Obtained ISO 14001 certification.

  • 2003April

    Developed and started to sell radio/digital voice recorder Talk Master for language learners.

  • 2003August

    Launched Shanghai Puzzle site for mobile phone games.

  • 2005August

    Launched online shopping site Grand Repos for customers to "Enjoy a Beautiful and Healthy Life."

  • 2005October

    Exhibited in WORLD PC EXPO 2005 for the first time.

    Developed and launched pachinko parlor computer system DUO))STATION.

  • 2006March

    Launched text horror game "Alice in Distortion World" for mobile phones.

  • 2007July

    Acquired Israeli company Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd.

  • 2008April


  • 2008November

    Cellebrite GmbH established in Bayern, Germany.

  • 2009October

    Acquired NIFCO Advanced Technology Inc.

  • 2009December

    依地贸易(上海)有限公司 established in Shanghai, China.

  • 2010June

    Started distributing Ikki Online for PlayStation 3.

  • 2010October

    Fully entered into M2M market with the launch of 3G modem, Rooster-A100.

  • 2011April

    SUNCORPORATION celebrated its 40th anniversary.

  • 2012April

    Acquired Bloom techno Inc.

  • 2012July

    Started to distribute social game "Ore Puri! I Am a Male Princess of My School!?"

  • 2013March

    Entered into a capital alliance and business partnership with Fujishoji Co., Ltd. to strengthen planning and development capabilities for game machines.

  • 2013April

    Cellebrite APAC established in Singapore.

  • 2013July

    Cellebrite LATAM established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • 2013September

    Launched a new compact and low-cost M2M router, Rooster RX.

    Opened a development center in Minato-ku, Tokyo to expand development activities.

  • 2014January

    Relocated Tokyo Office to Akihabara, Tokyo.

  • 2014February

    Cellebrite UK established in London, England.

  • 2014March

    SUNCORP USA, Inc. established in California, USA.

  • 2015January

    Cellebrite France established in Paris, France.

    Started to offer a cloud-based wireless M2M platform, M2MGrid Platform (currently called Bacsoft IoT Platform).

  • 2015March

    Cellebrite Canada established in Vancouver, Canada.

  • 2015September

    Acquired Israeli company Bacsoft Ltd.

    Cellebrite China established in Beijing, China.

  • 2015October

    Entered into business partnership with Lumus Ltd. (Israel).

  • 2016April

    Cellebrite entered into a partnership with International Criminal Police Organization.

  • 2016December

    Planned and developed the first O2O app for the food and beverage industry, Sagami.

  • 2017July

    Launched IoT/M2M dial-up multi-carrier router supporting LTE, Rooster AX220.

    Cellebrite Australia established in Sydney, Australia.

  • 2018January

    Transferred Headquarters functions to Nagoya, Aichi.

  • 2018January

    Launched IoT/M2M multi-carrier router supporting LTE, Linux GateWay Rooster NSX7000.

  • 2018November

    Started to distribute game "Shanghai Refresh".

  • 2019February

    Developed and launched AR smart glass, AceReal One.

  • 2019April

    Started to distribute simulation app game "CR Aria the Scarlet Ammo".

  • 2020January

    Developed and launched OKUDAKE sensor solutionⅡ EX1.

  • 2020March

    Started to distribute simulation app game "P Hell Girl 4".

  • 2020July

    Developed and launched 5G x AR Smartglass Remote Support Solution "AceReal for docomo".

  • 2020December

    Started to distribute simulation app game "P A Certain Magical Index".

  • 2021February

    Developed and launched Multi-OS and Smartglasses Remote Support Solution "AceReal Assist".

  • 2021July

    Localized and Started to distribute game "Alba: A Wildlife Adventure".

  • 2021August

    Cellebrite listed on the NASDAQ stock market.

  • 2021October

    Developed and launched Dual SIM supported high speed modle
    "Rooster DRX5010".

  • 2022January

    Started to distribute simulation app game "S Ring Seconds of fate".

  • 2022February

    Relocated Tokyo Office to Tukiji, Tokyo.

  • 2022March

    Exhibited solutions as the culmination of hardware, software, and cloud development cultivated over many years at "11th IoT & 5G Solution Exhibition".

  • 2022April

    Started to distributed simulation app game " P AREDDIN Premium".

  • 2022June

    Expanded the number of compatible smart glasses for "AceReal Assist", Remote Assistance Solution.

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