1971 April SUNCORPORATION established in Konan, Aichi Prefecture to manufacture and sell electronic equipment.
Manufactured single-function automatic ticket machines for Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co., (presently OMRON Corporation).
1974 May
Developed and launched a computer for pachinko parlors.
1978 October
Developed and launched a commercial video game machine.
Developed READY1 personal computer.
1980 March Developed and marketed control boards for pachinko machines.
1983 March
Completed the corporate headquarters building in Konan, Aichi Prefecture.
1984 April
Developed and launched SUNTAC-PC series personal computers.
1985 July
Developed and launched home-use game software.
1988 December Acquired 100% ownership of Aiwa Kasei, Co., Ltd. (presently eDream Corporation) to further improve manufacturing.
1990 April Established a fully-owned subsidiary SUN COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo to expand the telecommunications equipment business.
1994 April
Launched SUNTAC series modems under the SUNCORPORATION brand.
Launched the industry’s first networked pachinko parlor computer system King Zaurus System.
1997 October Launched pachinko parlor computer system Pyber Mebius System that enables member management and medal exchange processing.
Listed on the JASDAQ stock market.
Obtained ISO 14001 certification.
2003 August
Launched Shanghai i Puzzle site for mobile phone games.
2005 August
Launched an on-line shopping site Grand Repos to "Enjoy a Beautiful and Healthy Life."
October Started a contents & server service business to provide Podcasts.
Exhibited in WORLD PC EXPO 2005 for the first time.
Developed and launched pachinko parlor computer system DUO))STATION.
2006 April
Launched a text horror game Alice in Distortion World for mobile phone.
2007 July
Acquired Israeli company Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd.
Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd.
November Cellebrite GmbH established in Bayern, Germany.
2009 October Acquired NIFCO Advanced Technology Inc.
December 依地贸易(上海)有限公司 established in Shanghai, China.
2011 April
SUNCORPORATION celebrated its 40th anniversary.
2012 April Acquired Bloom techno Inc.
2013 April Cellebrite APAC established in Singapore.
July Cellebrite LATAM established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2014 Febrary Cellebrite UK established in London, England.
April SUNCORP USA, Inc. established in California, USA.
2015 January Cellebrite France established in Paris, France.
March Cellebrite Canada established in Vancouver, Canada.
September Acquired Israeli company Bacsoft Ltd.
Cellebrite China established in Beijing, China.
2017 July Cellebrite Australia established in Sydney, Australia.
2018 January Transferred Headquarters functions to Nagoya, Aichi.

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