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Offers safety and stability in a one-stop solution

SUNCORPORATION's IoT solution is a one-stop solution that combines hardware and software technologies--a culmination of SUNCORPORATION's years of experience and know-how.

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Our IoT/M2M router, the Rooster Series, enables stable operation of security cameras even in harsh outdoor environments, contributing to the safety and security of residents anywhere.
This is stability you can depend on, as Suncorporation started developing communications equipment for IoT/M2M way ahead of the competition.

Stable operations aided by autonomous recovery

Industry's No. 1 track record

IoT solution/package

Rooster Series is one of the industry's best IoT/M2M routers.
The IoT solution/package service combines hardware and software, boasting SUNCORPORATION's years of know-how in one-stop solution development.

Bacsoft IoT Platform

This is an advanced IoT platform that enables remote monitoring and control of manufacturing and agricultural facilities including factories, machinery, and ventilation, as well as remote facilities.


This is a device management service that enables centralized remote controls including firmware updating and logging, temperature and voltage adjusting, and vital status monitoring, free of charge, to enhance the security and stability of Rooster Series operations.


You can make anything into an IoT device just by placing the OKUDAKE sensor where you want it. (OKUDAKE means "just place it" in Japanese!) No need for cumbersome configurations. Start using it as soon as you have the product in hand.

IoT Solution: Major Features

One-stop solution

Proven operation stability

Experience and know-how

Applications examples

Monitoring cameras

Parking lots

Cloud-linked manufacturing systems

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